"You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Abraham Lincoln

Summary: Conclusion drawn from more than four years of observation: Survey Feedback

Cause: It is “against the nature” to run an association center illegally and without right of use on 720 m².
Condition: Is the committee of the association so troubled by ignorance and poison of the mind and cannot understand?
Result: The Bosnian cultural association does more harm to itself than to the local residents and brings discredit on the fellow believers. It is not favorable to apply taqiya in the neighborhood. (See German: www.ekiw.com/Vorstand)

Levels of observed tresholds of the willingness to use latent violence and taqiya in the socalled Bosnian cultural association of the Bosnian Muslims Vöcklabruck
(See German: www.ekiw.com/Chronik)
Level 8: The residents demand the adherence to the legal order and reflect „survey feedback“ in the web (2016, to demand moral behaviour in public)
Level 7: Resistance to the notice of the municipal authority, complaint at the administrative court (2016, third and fourth procedure at the same time, unwillingness to respect the legal order)
Level 6: „we will push it through“, lawyer fees are not a problem for many members (cashier 2015)
Level 5: Groups of men meet several times a day to recite texts (since 2014), thus they support negatively the social capital through group cohesion.
Level 4: Raising of an objection at the administrative court (2014 second procedure, the Bosniacs resist to the notices of the municipal authority)
Level 3: ( using of their elbows) rebuilding despite of rejection, conversion without building permit and illegal starting of the operation (2012)
Level 2: trying to convert into „special dedication for running of a mosque“, disguised as cultural association, covering it up with taqiya (17.11.2011)
Level 1: (to put one ́s foot in the door) purchase of the object without right to use, no clarity (25.2.2009, GB 50325 EZ 687)
Intention 0: to cover up the name of the association „Bosnisch- Österreichischer Kulturverein Vöcklabruck" (Bosnian-Austrian cultural association Vöcklabruck),
seat: Vöcklabruck (7.1.2005 ZVR-Zahl 606968101) and the purpose ( foremost: "promotion of sports")

See Plot (red colour) to small for all smokers! No parking space!

PS: The organized Bosnian muslims in Vöcklabruck creating negative social capital, not reciprocity!
Many unorganized educated Muslims are not happy about this behaviour, Bosnian Catholics and Orthodox Christians as well.


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 "Wenn die Begriffe nicht stimmen, dann ist das,
was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte.
Wenn das, was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte ist,
dann sind auch die Taten nicht in Ordnung.
Wenn die Taten nicht in Ordnung sind, dann verderben die Sitten.
Wenn die Sitten verderben, dann wird die Justiz überfordert.
Wenn die Justiz überfordert wird, dann weiß das Volk nicht,
wohin es sich wenden soll.
Deshalb achte man darauf, dass die Begriffe stimmen.
Das ist das Wichtigste von allem." (Konfuzius)

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