"BiZ" berichten über Themen, die von der Stadtpolitik kaum diskutiert werden (wollen).
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Die Politiker reden seit Jahren über die 'Stadtplatzbelebung'. Die Realität sieht jedoch anders aus - immer mehr geschlossene Geschäfte, zugeklebte Schaufenster...  weiterlesen→    


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Nach 7 Jahren illegaler Moscheebetrieb: Im Gemeinderat 6.7.2018 wurde eine Umwidmung in "Sonderbebiet" (Bosnischen Kulturverein) einstimmiger abgewiesen !   weiterlesen→   

Economically view: Organized Bosnian Muslims Vöcklabruck create negative social capital* and more damage in their surroundings than advantage for themselves (well known as zero-sum game). The so-called “Bosnian cultural association” appears as a Salafi oriented male association, which manifests a claim to power (see NZZ).
If one wants to help the committee of the association to recognize their errors of assumption, one has to point them out precisely. Organized Muslims are trapped in duality and apparently do not see through it. Not organized Muslims are in comparison to this organized group socially integrated and more professionally successful, as they do not follow such errors fully and do also include and respect “the others” in their vote. Awareness and open-mindedness is a dominant factor for success in diaspora, which can be shown by Jews, Chinese, Germans and not-organized Turks etc. (But a female Bosniac explained that she is ashamed of her name (Kar. .), as so many of them are listed in the statistics of insolvency). The Team of the Initiative has analysed the conditions and tries to depict them clearly:

From the view of Far Eastern philosophy the committee is obviously caught in errors of assumption in its planning (for instance 3 poisons of the mind, or Kleshas, Wikipedia) and has due to the organized isolation of a parallel development in society hardly possibilities to recognize differences (verification amongst equals). Learning progress which would serve as reconciliation of interests in society does not result from these constellations).
The committee follows a tradition of belief, which came into being in desert climate, where shortcoming did not consist of lack of space (town) but of lack of water in the desert and orientation towards conquest seems to be the underlying concept of the system of belief (military aspects, see parallel-society).
Development occurs in long term always along nature and will find expression in a) self-knowledge “how things really are”, b) “an opponent who manifests the conflict of interests”, externally controlled, and c) regulated through nature, for instance the wars between brothers in the Arabian world. (see system behaviour, sociology)

Prospect: The residents as a community of shared interests invite to a discussion concerning the composition of the factors.

*) Social capital is a form of economic and cultural capital in which social networks are central, transactions are marked by reciprocity, trust, and cooperation, and market agents produce goods and services not mainly for themselves, but for a common good. (see Wikipedia)

Translation original see: "Vorstand"


PS: Backbone: The Dunedin Study: 
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"Wenn die Begriffe nicht stimmen, dann ist das, was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte. Wenn das, was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte ist, dann sind auch die Taten nicht in Ordnung.
Wenn die Taten nicht in Ordnung sind, dann verderben die Sitten. Wenn die Sitten verderben, dann wird die Justiz überfordert. Wenn die Justiz überfordert wird, dann weiß das Volk nicht, wohin es sich wenden soll. Deshalb achte man darauf, dass die Begriffe stimmen. Das ist das Wichtigste von allem." (Konfuzius)