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Die Politiker reden seit Jahren über die 'Stadtplatzbelebung'. Die Realität sieht jedoch anders aus - immer mehr geschlossene Geschäfte, zugeklebte Schaufenster...  weiterlesen→    


Man muss an die Wurzel der Probleme gehen, die Strukturen sind zu ändern, sonst ändert sich wenig! An Symptomen einzuwirken hilft nicht   weiterlesen→


Nach 7 Jahren illegaler Moscheebetrieb: Im Gemeinderat 6.7.2018 wurde eine Umwidmung in "Sonderbebiet" (Bosnischen Kulturverein) einstimmiger abgewiesen !   weiterlesen→   

Finaly closed by order:



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>>Today we are living in the final years of the European Union as we know it. The opposing projects of the oligarchs of the West and of the populists of the East will not be able to coexist. The former defend their privileges and their ideology; the latter eagerly embrace their freedom, which they believe they can finally recover after too many decades of foreign domination. Nobody will simply let it go diplomatically, but one will eventually prevail over the other. Or the EU will fall apart.<<

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Reader's letter to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! 6.Sep 2016

Dear Mr. Pivic,

Thank you for your elaborated answer.
You see Bosnians as victims in history but that has nothing to do with a behaviour in our days which is in Voecklabruck not the same as you have described it for Bosnian Muslims in BiH and in general. Islamic societies have changed in the previous decades and have created more fundamentalist attitudes. You are generalizing the positive aspects and Bosniacs as victims, while we are suffering from the negative aspects of a certain group behaviour, 23 years after welcome.
You stress the victim-position in your reply which serves as simple justification, as  petty excuse and  wrong escape. Problems in Society cannot be solved by holding a victim-role. (A dualistc view "subject - object - perception" is creating the problems, and egoism like five poisons.) From a sociological point of view this latent negative attitudes and behaviour can be seen as an indicator for parallel ideology- (german) and latent conflicts in Austria and Europa. We are looking for positive attitudes on common sense.

But the  organised Bosnian Muslims in Voecklabruck are not interested in improving  awareness levels nowadays, lack open-mindedness and operate with taqiyya and do not respect the local way of life and the legal order and can therefore not be called tolerant. See chronics and conclusion in English.
Many educated Muslims are not happy about this behaviour, Bosnian Catholics and Orthodox Christians as well.
We are focused on future, open for natural logical facts in discussions and all aspects, opportunities and alternatives on ethic principle.
You are very welcome to visit Voecklabruck and report about inadequate group consensus.

Best regards
Buergerinitiative "Einspruch ekiw.com"
4840 Voecklabruck, Auerstr. 21, Austria

Die Antwort zuvor aus Sarajevo: Opfermentalität.

(Bosnian muslims behave in their socalled „cultural   organization“ (Dzemat Vöcklabruck) after 23 years in Austria still not as civilians who are able to integrate. Through four proceedings at the Administrativ Court of Upper Austrian they try to annul the Austrian legal order. BiH seems in analogy to this behavier of muslim society not compatibel as full membership of the EU.)

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An Appeal by the Dalai Lama to the World: Ethics Are More Important Than Religion

An Appeal by the Dalai Lama to the World: Ethics Are More Important Than Religion by [Dalai Lama]

by Dalai Lama, Franz Alt (Editor)  see more →


Heraclitus: "This Logos holds always but humans always prove unable to understand it... The hidden harmony is stronger than the obvious. see more →

"Wenn die Begriffe nicht stimmen, dann ist das, was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte. Wenn das, was gesagt wird, nicht das Gemeinte ist, dann sind auch die Taten nicht in Ordnung.
Wenn die Taten nicht in Ordnung sind, dann verderben die Sitten. Wenn die Sitten verderben, dann wird die Justiz überfordert. Wenn die Justiz überfordert wird, dann weiß das Volk nicht, wohin es sich wenden soll. Deshalb achte man darauf, dass die Begriffe stimmen. Das ist das Wichtigste von allem." (Konfuzius)